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Yoakley Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 (UK)

Stage: Completed

Year: 2016

This ground floor extension of a period house is located in London’s vibrant Stoke Newington area. The challenge was to expand the living space, working within the constrictions of a long and narrow footprint and connecting the existing design language of the building with the new extension, internally and externally.

After stripping out all the non-original features of the house, the focus was on creating an uninterrupted flow of space between the front and the rear of the house. The new rear extension now sees the addition of a series of roof lights that bring daylight to the deep and narrow footprint and allow internal zoning of the open-plan layout. The roof lights were placed perpendicularly to the ground floor's long side walls, widening the narrow footprint and bringing rhythm with the vertical column radiators.

The untreated timber slats on the rear façade softens the appearance of the new extension. As the wood weathers with the sun it starts to blend even more with the collage of the existing materials at the rear. At night, the façade becomes a light source with a series of interwoven light strips, while a floor light strip delineates the line between the grass area (nature) and the paved patio (man-made).

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