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Architecture is above style, it has no taste and should resist seductive trends.

Space is sacred – solid or void, it is where the story unfolds.


Light is our building tool, as is brick.


Materials are intrinsic to the design process and never an addition. 

Context is important and must be considered, yet it shouldn’t be restrictive. Hence we push against both blind traditionalism and careless innovation.

We believe in a holistic approach versus isolation. Creating a dialogue between the outside and inside, private and public, solid and void. Each project is considered from top to bottom, side to side, front to back.

We resist pure aestheticism if decontextualized and unrelated to the spaces we build. Images and drawings can be limiting and should only help to explore, explain and aid the building process.

We understand intimacy and allow theatre of everyday life.


With the growth of cities and the rise of technology, we seek a humane and artistic quality in each of our projects, exploring their ability and potential to further the relationship between the manmade and natural world.

We celebrate nature and its scale-less quality.

Our notes are bricks, our colours are windows, words written in passage ways, courtyards of symphonies, tiled roofs of happiness. The buildings speak to us – the story unfolds in the creases of the empty streets far from the illusory images of desired tomorrows.

Adnan Celikovic, Founder


We are London-based architects with an artistic sensibility and 15 years of international experience in both residential, commercial and public projects. We are fervently passionate and have the critical thinking to challenge, push and question architectural norms. 


We understand regulations and possess good historical knowledge, which allows us to question often-limiting planning policies and achieve results that transcend the rulebook.


We listen to and actively communicate with our clients. We shape their thoughts and guide them through the design and building process to reach a clear understanding and ensure each idea is executed to its full potential.

obiter (ɒbɪtə/): made or said in passing
origin: Latin, ob itur - by the way


Chipped, 2012


Two waves, 2009


Stitch, 2011


Triangular sky, 2007

pink heaven.JPG

Pink heaven, 2015

Pink heaven, 2015

Post, 2003


Gathering, 2012


Line, 2003


Gathering, 2012


Line, 2003

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