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Valentines Park, London IG1 (UK)

Stage: Planning

Year: 2020

This project involves the revitalisation of the east section of a 52-hectare park in the London borough of Redbridge. Our proposed plans for the area in focus, which is currently unkept and under-utilised, envision a lively mix of experiences aimed at local residents and visitors from further afield, including a stage for public performances and entertainment, a children's playground, an animals hall, a restaurant and a marquee for private hire. 


A careful approach to zoning comes to life through two primary ways of experiencing the park - a slow path for leisurely journeys and a fast one for the more fitness-oriented. The two paths have multiple cross-over points, turning the landscape itself into architecture.

The plans aim to infuse new life into the area, creating a hub for the local community and attracting more visitors from neighbouring boroughs.

Valentines park.png
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