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Stomarica, Brela (Croatia)

Stage: Construction

Year: 2015

This project is situated on the hillside of this seaside town in Croatia, with the dramatic backdrop of Biokovo mountain and the Bracki channel offering views of Brac island and the Adriatic Sea. The plot of land connects the beach in Stomarica with a road leading to the main coastal highway under the Biokovo mountain.

The project consists of two distinct volumes intertwined with the existing geography of the terrain, accommodating five holiday apartments. The ground floor flats and all the spaces buried into the hill side constitute one volume made of stone, closely connected to the ground and its mountainous background. The second, vertically elongated volume is annexed on top of the first and set to its back, with a textured white render façade rising from its stone base.

All the rooms and spaces in the building have direct, uninterrupted views to the sea. Each layout serves as a viewing platform to the scenery around, inviting the outside to the inside.

The planning application was done in partnership with Arhitektonski Kolektiv.

Brela 1.jpg
Brela 6.jpg
Brela 5.jpg
Brela 4.jpg
Brela 2.jpg
Brela 8.jpg
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