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Pond Field House, Maida Vale
London W9 (UK)

Stage: Planning

Year: 2020

This new-built development comprises a 9-storey block in a conservation area, located in close proximity to Warwick Avenue, London. It's one of multiple options we're exploring with our clients and involves replacing an existing 1960s tower block with an entirely new building, maximising the site potential from both a spacial and aesthetic perspective.

The new proposal consists of 24 units in a variety of layouts, a larger number of flats compared to the existing block. It utilises the plot size and geometry to create a better building line against the adjacent roads, whilst materials have been carefully considered to be more attuned to the conservation area and the immediate surroundings.

The planning submission is due in Spring 2021, with subsequent stages of work - through to construction - expected later in the year.

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