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Long Lane, Bermondsey, London SE1 (UK)

Stage: Tender

Year: 2018

This modern extension consists of a double height work/live studio space comprising a work area, ample storage space and a bathroom on the lower level and a bedroom on the mezzanine storey. It is annexed to an existing duplex flat on the top floors of a five-storey building, occupying part of its large roof terrace. 

The new volume is connected to the existing flat via a glass passage, which creates two distinct terrace zones on each side. The passage creates a transparent connection between the existing flat and the new extension, with intertwining vistas of the garden/green roof space to the north side and the more social space with seating and a hot tub on the south side.

The stretched woven metal mesh cladding softens the appearance of the new volume, whilst the glazed south elevation and sloping roof offer full views of the Southbank and the city skyline. A circular window on the mezzanine level projects outwards, allowing a deep reveal that can be used as a window seat - a quiet and intimate space between the inside and the outside.

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