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Eade Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 (UK)

Stage: Planning

Year: 2018

This 2-bedroom new build house sits on the site of the two former garages positioned between the two ends of terrace rows in Haringey. The existing plot with its shallow depth and tight width dictates the footprint of the new house, while offering a direct communication with the street via a protruding part of the existing garden.

The building line is taken in vertically on both sides and the external appearance becomes lighter with each storey. The vertical tall glass slot challenges the presence of the front two-storey high bay window extensions of the terrace houses.

The three-dimensional bricks on the protruding ground floor volume ground the house, giving weight to the single storey high volume and fortifying its street presence.


The main volume of the house features a patterned brick work that mimics the existing collage of bricks and blocks of the neighbouring terrace row. The oak fins create privacy to the partially enclosed forecourt, offering semi-private/semi-public outdoor space.  

As each storey is taken in on both sides, the material changes from brick to timber slats, appearing lighter at the top. The height and the scale of the new house is respectful of its immediate context, yet it offers a playful and more dynamic external and internal configuration.

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